A day at the retreat

The Photography Master Retreat_19 copy.png

The retreat is communal experience of creatives coming together in contact with the mentors, thinking deeply about the photographic art and the person behind it.

There is a fostering mix of one-on-one interaction and as well as large group interactions which encourages bonding with other members of the group giving an enriching experience that stays and informs their future work.

Every day at TPMR starts with fresh croissants and baguettes , followed by meetings their core group where they will be discussing questions on making artists statements, working on titles,sequencing,editing, reframing their work in the context of the larger context of contemporary photography.

Once the afternoon sun comes up, they meet one-on-one with the mentors and go in depth with questions and aspects specifically tailored to their artistic practice and workflow. And if one so wishes, swims in the local river, antique shopping and exploring the medieval architecture is always, always a possibility.

Unfailingly, no one is ever late for the evening cocktails!

Bastide d'Esparon

Nestled in a UNESCO World Heritage recognised of Cevennes landscape, our medieval hamlet enjoys uninterrupted views of the surrounding mountains and the coast.


One can also enjoy visits to the medieval chapel on top of the hamlet, hikes across breathtaking hills, fresh wines,special pelardon cheese and idle with the local goat and lamp herds.