I wanted to create a gathering where photographers could productively retire for a week, with time on their side. Take a step back and hopefully one giant leap forward to reconnect with their work and process in a new light.
— Martine Fougeron, #TPMR founder and mentor


The Photography Master Retreat  is a unique opportunity to rethink your work, refocus your trajectory and recharge your artistic batteries. Not a shooting trip. Find out more About the Retreat for 14 selected photographers.

THREE mentors

Meet our three Mentors:
Elisabeth Biondi – Independent Curator, Teacher, Writer, and Visuals Editor 1996-2011 at The New Yorker, NY
Lyle Rexer – Critic, Curator, and Faculty at SVA, NY
Martine Fougeron – Photographer, Artist, Faculty at ICP, NY


See more Testimonials and slide shows from our previous four retreats.


Retreat in the remote Place of Esparon in the south of France, right after the opening week of  the famous photography festival Les Rencontres d’Arles nearby.  .

The retreat will be held from July 6-13 in 2019.

Application is free.
Deadline for Early Bird Special: December 1, 2018.
Find out more on How to Apply.

A communal atmosphere permeated all that we did – from our sessions and meetings, to the homemade meals, to our walks and talks. This process combined with time to reflect, provided like a cross between a graduate school critique and an artist colony. Extraordinary how every photographer there had an “epiphany”.
— Aleya #TPMR2016
This is an age of social media and shared images, but rarely do photographers or artists actually get to work together, face to face, to stimulate new ideas and challenge each other creatively… No one leaves Esparon unchanged.
— Lyle Rexer, #TPMR mentor
This is a very unusual photographic workshop in that it stresses not technical mastery of the camera, nor capitalizing on the Provence location. The retreat already assumes you are an accomplished photographer. Instead, the emphasis is reflecting on one’s trajectory as an artist, rethinking projects, refocusing on clearer directions.
— Raymond #TPMR2017
Malte_TPMR2017_Malte_iPhone_IMG_4407 2.jpg

Flipbook Video: Reflect, Rethink, Refocus 2016 – Field Notes from The Photography Master Retreat. Our limited edition #TPMR2016 book. Designed by Christina Labey. Published by Conveyor Arts. Creative direction by Aleya Lehmann Bench. The first edition is sold out.

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