The best french cuisine, prepared by our professional chef-in-residence for one big communal and joyous table

Use only the best regional ingredients in season and keep it simple.
— James Beard

The best in Provençal cuisine, FRESH FROM THE LOCAL MARKET IS PREPARED DAILY by our chef-in-residence.

During The Photography Master Retreat, the chef lives and cooks on the premises, buying only fresh produce from the local markets, and cooking for us as if we were their extended family. Everything is served on Provençal linens and dishes on the big terrace. Add local wines, and it’s an experience ripped straight from a Provençal cookbook. Our fine chef turns every meal into an experience. 

The food was fantastic. All the meals were a delight and surprise, and of course the wine too. Cocktail hour always a pleasure – a nice way to end the “working” day before dinner.
— Sara #TPMR2017
Fresh and French but with a little twist. Really loved the organic approach and even more how it was decorated.
— Anna Rosa #TPMR2016
All the ingredients are super fresh as they come from the local markets
All the meals are prepared daily by our professional chef-in-residence
The cuisine – mouth-­watering!
— Chesher #TPMR2016
The communal dinners are always with the best French wines, from Provence.
Basically brilliant! Thanks again for accommodating me being a pescatarian.
— Giulia #TPMR2016
Fresh produce, vegetables and fruits from the local organic markets.
The food looks as good as it tastes. It is always the right presentation, in the right bowl. The chefs love to display their cuisine in my crockery!
— Martine Fougeron, founder and mentor
Rose wine from Provence served in crystal carafes
Creative individualized presentations for these fantastic deserts



Caroline worked in the movie industry and as a potter before becoming a chef. 

“I was born in Saint-Maxime, near Saint Tropez, and my grandmother did typical Provençal cuisine, based on olive oil. I like food that’s intelligent yet comes from the heart - real home-cooking that satisfies and gives you focus.”

She says the two most important elements of her cooking are seasonal ingredients and an immaculate workstation. “Everything must be in your reach,” she says. “Washed, cut up, mixed in separate bowls, ready to be used (or not). Then you can let your inspiration run free, create unions of taste and color. I do have recipes in my head, but I like to let the ingredients lead the way. And I always have fun.”

As Caroline says: ‘‘At the table: bring bowls, a knife, a fork, and a big spoon – big enough so you don’t lose a drop of juice.”

My greatest inspiration has been my grandmother.
— Caroline Bessy
Caroline is a true cook of the Mediterranean. That’s exactly what I wanted: regional cuisine, as if it were made by my grandmother with all its tenderness and long savoir-faire of recipes, simmered as only a family cook can do.
— Martine Fougeron, founder and mentor
International chef Marc Dussaud is a graduate of the Mediterranean High School in La Ciotat, in the south of France. He was the 2017 and 2018 chef-in-residence.

2017 and 2018 CHEF-IN RESIDENCE:

International chef Marc Dussaud is a graduate of the Mediterranean High School in La Ciotat, in the south of France. His boundless creativity has inspired him to work in some of the best Three Star hotels and restaurants in France: Le Mas des Vignes in the famous Le Domaine de Frégate Hotel, Le Château de Sanse, and L’Hôtel de la Mer. He also worked at L’Auberge Gargamelle which is known for its mountain specialties cooked on a wood fire.

Though Marc is originally from Toulon, these days he is passionately exploring Mediterranean cuisine, handling it with his signature elegance. He revels in the marriage of textures, flavors and colors that is fusion cuisine, à la française!

Marc is a participating chef on

This very international group of people inspired me to make a savory fusion of super fresh provençal vegetables and fruits, inspired by my extensive travels abroad!
— Marc Dussaud
Fresh ripe tasty fruits



Laurent Maire is a member of the Slow Food movement in the South of France and a zen practitioner. He has a refined original style, which consists of healthy dishes made with seasonal and organic local produce. 

Laurent believes in a creative gastronomic experience. “As the chef in residence during the photo retreat, I was particularly moved that the group really enjoyed a healthy and savory cuisine that also contributed to the harmonious feel of the week.”

Laurent has professional experience in prestigious international establishments such as Le Capucin Gourmand, France (Two Michelin Stars) and Le Grand Hôtel des Bains in Switzerland (Four Star Luxury Hotel). He was accompanied to The Photography Master Retreat by Isabelle Frère, a wine expert.

I would walk every morning on the top of the hamlet to pick out fresh edible herbs and wild flowers.
— Laurent Maire
Laurent has fantastic culinary skills, to which he adds his great creativity in presentations as well as his strict belief in using organic produce.
— Martine Fougeron, founder and mentor
The chef-in-residence makes a great colorful presentation.
Merci Marc! Loved the variety of salads and the warm-weather foods. The cheeses were sublime.
— Barry Munger #TPMR2018
Wonderful food - and fun cook!
— Amanda Bessel #TPMR2018

Local French Cheeses: pelardon, rocquefort..
The scenery! the meals!! – amazing!!
— Ellen #TPMR2017
Total strangers and yet a week later the time spent together felt like a lifetime. Amazing people – with even more amazing work and careers. Love the fact that European realism and American optimism collide… in a good way.
— Anna Rosa #TPMR2016
Communal lunch with fine Provençal table clothes!

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