Welcome to Esparon, a remote, magical haven that’s perfect for introspection and collaboration. 

The place, Esparon, lends itself to be an inspiration for creative time in and on itself. The beauty of the place itself and its surroundings, its history, were natural ingredients for focus and thought. Martine’s attention to every detail was fantastic.
— Loli #TPMR2017

The retreat is on the medieval estate of La Bastide d’Esparon in the beautiful mountains of Les Cévennes Méridionales in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, located near Arles, Avignon, and Montpellier, in the south of France.

It is held in Martine Fougeron’s family house, a serene, comfortable haven with breathtaking views. Local cuisine and special wines are provided at the retreat for the entire week.

The structure with having three mentors was very special. Being in Esparon, high up on a little hamlet in Martine’s childhood home added a very personal and welcoming touch. It felt like we were all supported and encouraged in a cozy and inspiring environment. (Plus the food was amazing!) Also the feeling of being “sequestered” here made it easier to focus and not be distracted by exploring or wanting to go out and see the area. Our two little excursions were enough.
— Peggy #TMPR2017
The house is so enchanting, the scenery breathtaking. Easily the most nurturing learning environment I’ve ever been a part of.
— Smith #TPMR2015

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