During the 2018 Retreat, we organized an Instagram photo contest,
here are the winning images.


#TPMR2018 Instagram Contest Winners

During the week of The Photography Master Retreat from July 7 to 14, 2018, the participants posted images on Instagram of their experience. The Retreat is not a shooting workshop, but being photographers sharing images is second nature. This Retreat emphasizes intensive critique and reflection, with the goal of advancing the participants’ practice to levels they may not have contemplated.

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We had 5 categories in the #TPMR2018 Instagram contest and the winners are:

Winner of the Category: Overall Images Most likes
Peter Stitt is a fine art photographer based in the South.

peter 2.jpg

Winner of the Category: First Prize Curator’s Choice
Pej Ehdarvand is a commercial photographer based in California and Mexico


Winner of the Category: Most Prolific New Instagrammer
Herb Rail is an street photographer based in Missouri.

Winner of the Category: Single Image Most likes
Carolina Sandretto is a documentarian based in Paris, France.


Winner of the Category: Second Prize Curator’s Choice
Patricia Howard is a fine art photographer and educator based in Virginia.


The Jury composed of the 3 Mentors

 The Jury with Peter Stitt receiving his Prize

The Jury with Peter Stitt receiving his Prize

I am in no way saying that my project wasn’t going in the right direction, but it was more like I was stuck in a holding pattern.. and couldnt find an endpoint.
I went from knowing there was something in a large collection of images with a broad common thread, to having a streamlined, focused project.
I now have a working edit to this project, a set of goals to reach over the next year or so, and a confidence in my work that I don’t think I’ve ever solidly had before. Confidence in this project and what it is, is no longer an issue.
— Peter Stitt, #TPMR2018

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#TPMR2017 PHOTO Contest Winner

During the week of The Photography Master Retreat from July 8 to 15, 2017,  
the participants photographed their experience. The Jury of the 3 mentors picked the best image.

 ©Parrish Dobson: View at Esparon

©Parrish Dobson: View at Esparon

One Category: Best Image
Parrish Dobson is a fine art photographer and educator living in Massachusetts.

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