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I knew I would bond with the participants, but I did not anticipate that we would connect so personally with the mentors. I value the community we have created.
— Sharon #TPMR2015

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The Photography Master Retreat 2018

The Photography Master Retreat was exactly what anyone whose wheels are spinning needs. This experience allowed me to trim the unnecessary noise and focus on what is important. The knowledge gained has given me a game-plan not only for my current project and its trajectory, but also how to handle those in the future. As anecdotes go, when a Mentor suggests that you try to get William Eggleston, Stephen Shore, or Robert Adams to write an introduction to your book, you can’t help but feel like you’re doing something right.

— Peter #TPMR2018
The Photography Master Retreat 2018

This is an amazing chance to really evaluate where you are and where you are going next as a photographer. This retreat will change not only how I plan but also how I present my work- for showing and sale.
— Patricia #TPMR2018

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The Photography Master Retreat 2017

It felt like time stood still here in Esparon and I could explore the depths of my work in ways that I have not experienced before. I expanded my photographic community with wonderful photographers and mentors. Doing this workshop is a reminder that we are not alone as photographers and that our work can only improve and grow if we open it up for others to see and respond to.
— Peggy #TPMR2017
Photo by Wolfgang Strassi

Photo by Wolfgang Strassi

The small group work, the mentorship in a small group or one-on-ones, and the ability to have time with three mentors. I valued that.
— Hilary #TPMR2017
Yes, a great group of people – mature, thoughtful, committed with lots of good ideas and feedback, very supportive in a beautiful setting. I also like that it was a neutral, non-competitive environment in a hard-working group and individuals.
— Ellen #TPMR2017

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I expanded my photographic community with wonderful photographers and mentors. Doing this workshop is a reminder that we are not alone as photographers and that our work can only improve and grow if we open it up for others to see and respond to.
— Peggy #TPMR2017

The Photography Master Retreat 2016

In a short week, epiphanies happened in the daily shifting around of people and perspectives. The process worked so well: small circle meetings complemented by widening circles. And particularly the progression of voices from each mentor. Time to think. Unforced.
— Allison #TPMR2016
Photo by Gerard Turnley

Photo by Gerard Turnley

Everyone brought something to the table and with great diversity. I’m looking forward to keeping in touch with everyone.
— Chesher #TPMR2016

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By the end of the week, I felt empowered, reinvigorated, energized!
— Giulia #TPMR2016


The experience of sleeping, working, eating (and drinking!) all together made it easy for us to get to know each other.
— Monika #TPMR2015
Photo by Jeff Weddell

Photo by Jeff Weddell

I’m French and live in India, so I’ve long felt isolated in my creative process. But this feels like a new beginning. I’ll never be alone again.
— Magali #TPMR2015

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Spending a week with a group of creative professionals, bonding with everyone through critique and exchange of ideas, has taken my work in a different, more fruitful direction.
— Daniel #TPMR2015

We thank all our #TPMR2015, #TPMR2016, #TPMR2017 and#TPMR2018 participants, mentors, chefs-in-residence and assistants for their support, images and quotes on this site (alphabetical order)

Elisabeth Biondi, USA, #TPMR2015-2016-2017-2018
Katharina Bosse, Germany, #TPMR2015
Lyle Rexer, USA, #TPMR2015-2016-2017-2018
Martine Fougeron, USA-France, #TPMR2015-2016-2017-2018

Coordinators and Assistants:
Adrien de Mones, USA, #TPMR2016
Nicolas de Mones, USA, #TPMR 2015
Theo Zierock, Italy, #TPMR2015-2016
Zak Krevitt, USA, #TPMR2017
Elsa Beaumont, France, #TPMR
Malte Øhlers, Sweden, #TPMR2018-2017

Caroline Bessey, France, #TPMR2015
Lauent Maire, France, #TPMR2016
Marc Dussaud, France, #TPMR2017-2018

Assistant Chefs and Logistics:
Aicha and Samir, France, #TPMR2015-2016-2017

Special Guests:
Rachel Rexer, USA, #TPMR2015-2016-2017
Susan West, USA, #TPMR2016

Social Media:
Zak Krevitt, #TPMR2017
Josh Klemmons, #TPMR2018

Aleya Lehmann Bench, USA, #TPMR2016
Allison Plass, USA, #TPMR2016
Amanda Bensel
, USA, #TPMR2018
Anna Rosa Krau, Germany, #TPMR2016
Annie Hogan
, USA, #TPMR2018
Avis Mandel, USA, #TPMR2016
Barry Munger,
USA, #TPMR2018
Beth Galton, USA, #TPMR2016
Brenda Biondo, USA, #TPMR2015
Carolina Sandretto, France-Italy
, #TPMR2018
Cathryn Griffith,USA, #TPMR2015
Chesher Cat, USA, #TPMR2016
Chris Raecker, USA
, #TPMR2018
Daniel Levine, USA, #TPMR2015
Elisabeth Scheder-Bieschin, UK, #TPMR2015
Ellen Carey, USA, #TPMR2017
Elsa Beaumont, France, #TPMR2017
Gerard Turnley, South Africa, #TPMR2016
GianLuca Calise, Italy, #TPMR2015
Giulia Berto, USA, #TPMR2016
Herb Brail ,USA
, #TPMR2018
Hilary Duffy, USA, #TPMR2017
Jeff Weddell, USA, #TPMR2015
Kristen Linnea Backe, Norway, #TPMR2017
Lee Johnson, Switzerland, #TPMR2016
Linda Rutenberg, Quebec, #TPMR2017
Lisa Fernandez, Trinidad
, #TPMR2018
Loli Kantor, USA, #TPMR2017
Magali Trouffon, India-France, #TPMR2015
Malika Squali, UK-France, #TPMR2015
Malte Øhlers, Sweden, #TPMR2017
Michael Lopez, USA, #TPMR2016
Monika Barth, Germany, #TPMR2015
Parrish Dobson, USA, #TPMR2017
Patricia Howard,
USA, #TPMR2018
Peggy Andersen, USA-France, #TPMR2017
Pej Behdarvand
, Iran-USA, #TPMR2018
Penny Wolin, USA
, #TPMR2018
Peter Stitt , USA
, #TPMR2018
Raymond Blees, USA, #TPMR2017
Renee Monrose, USA, #TPMR2015
Rich Flansburg, USA
, #TPMR2018
Rosemarie Zens, Germany, #TPMR2015
Sara Tamiz, Australia-Iran, #TPMR2017
Sharon Draghi, USA, #TPMR2015
Smith Galtney, USA, #TPMR2015
Uschi Gross, Germany, #TPMR2015
Virginia Sperry, USA
, #TPMR2018
Wolfgang Strassi, Germany, #TPMR2017

We would like to thank our friends for helping to spread the word about us.
We are in great admiration of their extraordinary support of photographers and artists in general. We at #TPMR are most grateful for all they do for us and the greater community of photographers.

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