THE PHOTOGRAPHY MASTER RETREAT 2016 and 2015 were outstanding successes. Students raved about their experience, the mentors, their expanded photographic horizon, and the practical advice. Add to this the beautiful Esparon landscape, lovely accommodations, excellent lunches and dinners prepared by our chef-in-residence, and plenty of rosé in the evening (only) and the escapades at the local rivers or walks on the trails... and you have a lifetime experience. 

RETREAT 2016:  Alumni Field Notes Book in a flip book

'Refect, Rethink, Refocus: Field Notes from The Photography Master Retreat'. A limited edition book conceived by #TPMR 2016 alumni Aleya Lehmann Bench. Designer and Publisher: Conveyor Arts.

Photo by Gerard Turnley

Photo by Gerard Turnley


"A communal atmosphere permeated all that we did—from our sessions and meetings, to the homemade meals, to our walks and talks... It is like a cross between a graduate school critique and an artist colony.  Extraordinary how every photographer there had an “epiphany” of one sort or another." Aleya

""As a commercial Food photographer, my time at the retreat redirected my thoughts." Beth

"This retreat is a must for any photographer who wants to up their game." Chesher

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Check out the week in review by TPMR 2017 Liaison Raymond Bleesz:

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Photo by Jeff Weddell

Photo by Jeff Weddell


"For those who want to reach a new level in their creative life, this is the experience of a lifetime." Daniel

"The time with the mentors, the conversations with the participants, the food, the house, the scenery – as an immersive experience, it was pretty flawless. It immersed me again into a deepening of my personal work." Smith

"All four of them are very accomplished people in the photo industry. And they specialize in different areas, which was great."  Brenda

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RETREAT 2016:  The week in review

A small video reviewing our 2016 retreat.