Group Portrait by Gerard Turnley

Group Portrait by Gerard Turnley


"In a short week,epiphanies happened in the daily shifting around of people and perspectives. The process worked so well: small circle meetings complemented by widening circles. And particularly the progression of voices from each mentor. Time to think. Unforced." Allison

"I saw my projects in a new light, and I revisited a project I had all but abandoned." Lee

"As an Advertising photographer, focusing on a single project has been a rewarding and revealing process." Gerald

"As a commercial Food photographer, my time at the retreat redirected my thoughts." Beth

"When I arrived, all I knew was that my work was not where I wanted it to be. It was the frightening moment of shifting that finally freed an amazing amount of creative energy within me."  Anna Rosa

"By the end of the week I felt empowered, reinvigorated, energized!"  Giulia




"Mentors always available, even during breaks and off time. Three very different people and personalities that complemented each other in the process of reaching my eureka moment!" Giuia

"I appreciated the diversity of the mentors and having my work dissected from several aspects." Chesher

"Martine’s laughter is infectious, Lyle’s eloquence lyrical and Elisabeth’s insight indispensable." Gerald








"The scenery? – Epic!"  Chesher

"A great place to concentrate. The sky was like a big stage for natural spectacles: thunder, rain, storm clouds, rainbows, piercing sun, setting sun, rising sun. A huge well of inspiration." Anna Rosa

"The wonderment of staying in a modernized ancient ruin added to the inspiration of the retreat." Avis






"The Cuisine – mouth-­‐watering!" Chesher

"Fresh and French but with a little twist. Really loved the organic approach and even more how it was decorated." Anna Rosa

"Basically brilliant! Thanks again for accommodating me being a pescatarian. Giulia





"Everyone brought something to the table and with great diversity. I’m looking forward to keeping in touch with everyone." Chesher

"Total strangers and yet a week later the time spent together felt like a lifetime. Amazing people—with even more amazing work and careers.  Love the fact that european realism and american optimism collide… in a good way."Anna Rosa




A communal atmosphere permeated all that we did—from our sessions and meetings, to the homemade meals, to our walks and talks.  This process combined with time to reflect, provided like a cross between a graduate school critique and an artist colony.  Extraordinary how every photographer there had an “epiphany” of one sort or anotherAleya

This retreat is a must for any photographer who wants to up their game. Chesher

Group Portrait by Anna Rosa Krau

Group Portrait by Anna Rosa Krau

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