Group Photograph by Jeff Weddell

Group Photograph by Jeff Weddell


"Spending a week with a group of creative professionals, bonding with everyone through critique and exchange of ideas, has taken my work in different, more fruitful direction." Daniel

"Coming from the commercial world, the ability to immerse myself in fine art photography and do a general, mental reboot on personal projects was extremely valuable." Jeff

"I developed a clearer view of my project. The work was intense, but thanks to the long sessions of editing and sequencing, I gained a better understanding of how to tell a story with pictures."  Gianluca

Photo by Gianluca Calise



"They were so open and enthusiastic and engaged with our various projects. They were passionate about documentary and fine art, but they also had realistic assessments of the corporate art world."  Rosemarie

"Their advice and interactions were exceptional." Daniel

"All four of them are very accomplished people in the photo industry. And they specialize in different areas, which was great."  Brenda



"The house is so enchanting, the scenery breathtaking. Easily the most nurturing learning environment I’ve ever been a part of.' - Smith


"An amazingly peaceful and remote setting, where all the cooking and cleaning is taken care of. (Thank you!). And playful trips to the river, where you’re surrounded by mother nature at her best."  Malika

"Just astonishingly beautiful. You will not find a better place to interact with creative people." Daniel


" I knew I would bond with the participants, but I did not anticipate that we would connect so personally with the mentors. I value the community we have created. – Sharon

"The experience of sleeping, working, eating (and drinking!) all together made it easy for us to get to know each other."  Monika

"The biggest drawback to the digital world is that you no longer bump into peers and colleagues at the lab or supply store. So, for me, the exchange of ideas with the mentors and participants was special."  Jeff


"Caroline, the fabulous chef, is a treasure. She even managed to accommodate my inability to eat tomatoes." Renee


"Catering for all tastes, all served under the trees with lavender scents and cicadas as background music." Malika


"Simply, healthy, tasty dishes made with fresh, local ingredients."  Cathryn

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"The time with the mentors, the conversations with the participants, the food, the house, the scenery – as an immersive experience, it was pretty flawless.Being an ICP graduate, it immersed me again into a deepening of my personal work."  Smith


"I’m French and live in India, so I’ve long felt isolated in my creative process. But this feels like a new beginning. I’ll never be alone again." Magali


"For those who want to reach a new level in their creative life, this is the experience of a lifetime." Daniel

Photos by Daniel Levine, Rene Monrose, Sharon Draghi, Gianluca Calise, Rosemarie Zens, Magali Couffon de Trevos, Smith Galtney, Jeff Weddel, Monika Barth, Uschi Becker, Brenda Biondo, Cathryn Griffith, Elisabeth Scheder-BIeschin, Malika Squali and the Mentors.